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Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is a technology that monitors blood pressure continuously for 24 hours without affecting the patient's daily activities, and can obtain multiple blood pressure values within 24 hours. Ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a medical device used to monitor dynamic, continuous blood pressure. It can record the blood pressure value in real time, accurately and effectively help doctors diagnose high blood pressure, eliminate false high blood pressure, white coat blood pressure, effectively formulate treatment programs, drug evaluation, and smoothly control the blood pressure of patients.

itsoug Exclusives

Generally, it is measured once every 15 to 30 minutes, and the average value of the 24-hour blood pressure is taken, including the 24-hour average systolic pressure, average diastolic pressure, average pulse pressure, and basal blood pressure. This monitoring can get a lot of blood pressure data, and actually reflects the change of blood pressure throughout the day, which is the main basis for diagnosing hypertension with 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure.

itsoug pulse oximeters classification

  1.  The principle of oscillating oscilloscope. It can be filled and deflated quickly and the noise is extremely low.
  2. Reverse inflation logic feedback, the maximum inflation pressure of the cuff is only less than 5mmHg than the measured person’s systolic pressure, which maximizes the patient’s comfort.
  3. Temporarily interrupt the test, re-wear to continue testing blood pressure.
  4. Unique day and night buttons and special practice buttons to accurately record day and night boundary emergencies.
  5. Automatically make up the test within 3 minutes, the stored data can reach 300 measured values.
  6. Weighing only 250 grams, the world’s lightest blood pressure recording box.
  7. Windows95 / 98 / NT version analysis software, Chinese and English operation, interface switch at will.
  8. Simple and convenient operation, friendly user interface, can be directly connected to the computer and printer.
  9. No millennium bug technical failure, German standard, passed ISO9001 and CE certification.
  10. A variety of analysis charts and reports can be printed in both Chinese and English. The clinical application value is extremely high.



choiceMMed LEDs produce a high-intensity pure light spectrum.



Choicemmed Light sensor receptor eliminates variations in readings.


Signal Processing

Its signal processing filters out artifacts and interference to show the true pulse.

itsoug® Blood Pressure Monitor Technology

Strictly abide by the operating specifications, first check that the battery in the monitor must reach 2.8V or more, clear the original data in the monitor, create a new patient case on the ambulatory blood pressure analyzer software, and set the blood pressure measurement time according to the patient’s condition When the patient wears the monitor, first measure the blood pressure of both upper extremities. If the systolic pressure difference is less than 10mmHg, choose a non-dominant hand. If the systolic pressure difference is greater than or equal to 10mmHg, use a monitoring cuff on the higher blood pressure side. The cuff should be secured tightly. The lower edge of the cuff should be located 2.5cm above the elbow. It is best to wear it directly on the bare upper arm.

itsoug® Blood Pressure Technology

Connect the pressure tube to the monitor. When the monitor is hung around the waist, the blood pressure will be measured according to the preset time interval and the blood pressure value will be stored. The patient can return to daily life and move freely. The pressure measurement interval can be selected from 15 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes. The night pressure measurement interval can be extended appropriately. It is best to have at least one blood pressure reading every hour. Take the average 24-hour blood pressure, including 24-hour average systolic blood pressure, average diastolic blood pressure, average pulse pressure, and basal blood pressure.

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A leading hypoxia research laboratory compared accuracy in motion between a itsoug Medical pulse oximeter with itsoug® technology and a competing pulse oximeter. Hypoxia was induced in 13 subjects using an industry standard breathe-down protocol, and motion was generated using a mechanical fixture with tapping and rubbing. SpO2 values were compared to CO-oximetry analysis of arterial blood samples. itsoug precision was ±2.1; competitor technology precision was ±14.4.1

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