Infant Pulse Oximeter

ChoiceMMed provides a small precision tester specially designed for children. It includes an oximeter body and an adjustable finger strap. Both sides of the oximeter body are provided with a crankshaft and a straight shaft. The oximeter body is connected, one end of the adjustable finger strap is connected to the crankshaft, and the other end of the adjustable finger strap is connected to the straight shaft. The oximeter body is connected to the controller including the controller, display screen, motor and sensor, display screen, motor And sensors.

An adjustable finger strap is added to the main body of the oximeter, which can be adjusted according to the thickness of the human finger, which is convenient for the human body to use during exercise and sleep, and will not slip off, thus achieving effective in both static and dynamic conditions Monitors the blood oxygen saturation and heart rate of the human body; the sensor analyzes the monitored data to drive the motor after the controller analyzes, and reminds the user through the different vibration sensations of the motor, thereby facilitating the user to understand his physical condition more quickly and clearly.

choiceMMed Pulse Oximeter Features For Children

  1. The product is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and environmentally friendly.
  2. Battery voltage indicator: Before the battery voltage is too low to work properly, the battery low battery indicator appears
  3. The product is easy to use and has low power consumption
  4. With pulse rate sound indication
  5. Blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate tree value, bar graph, pulse waveform display
  6. The display mode can be changed, and the display mode can be saved after shutdown
  7. Automatic shutdown function: In the state of the measurement interface, after the tested finger is disconnected, it will automatically shut down within 5S
  8. With over limit and low battery alarm function



choiceMMed LEDs produce a high-intensity pure light spectrum.



Choicemmed Light sensor receptor eliminates variations in readings.


Signal Processing

Its signal processing filters out artifacts and interference to show the true pulse.

Simple Detection Methods

For Use Pediatric Pulse Oximeter

When measuring, just put your finger into the finger sleeve type photoelectric sensor, the device collects data through a photosensitive detector, and then displays the measurement result on the indicator.

For the cartoon design of children and infants, ordinary alkaline dry batteries can provide power.

Why should we develop

Pulse Oximeter Series For Baby

Infants and children have thinner fingers and higher transparency of skin and blood vessels. There is a clear difference from the blood flow spectrum of adults. Special planes must be used to ensure the accuracy and stability of tree values. Choicemmed Company Develop Advanced algorithm, specially used to measure the blood oxygen saturation of infants and children under 12 years old.

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A leading hypoxia research laboratory compared accuracy in motion between a choiceMMed Medical pulse oximeter with choiceMMed® technology and a competing pulse oximeter. Hypoxia was induced in 13 subjects using an industry standard breathe-down protocol, and motion was generated using a mechanical fixture with tapping and rubbing. SpO2 values were compared to CO-oximetry analysis of arterial blood samples. ChoiceMMed precision was ±2.1; competitor technology precision was ±14.4.1

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