Medical SpO₂ Sensor

From patient monitoring in hospitals to wearable devices and home health care applications, ChoiceMMed photoelectric sensors and components are important components that can be used to measure blood oxygen (SpO₂) content in a non-invasive manner. With over 27 years of expertise and proven reliability, ChoiceMMed has designed a highly flexible SpO₂ sensor that can accommodate multiple wavelength options. ChoiceMMed can provide components and complete sensor product packages, making it the best choice for pulse oximeter applications that require high precision, high durability, and high performance.

The Main Feature Of choiceMMed Medical SpO₂ Sensor

  • Small, low-cost emitter and detector combination with surface mount technology (SMT) design
  • Dual-drive, image transmitter with transparent epoxy lens
  • Four standard IR LED wavelength options: 880nm, 905nm, 910nm and 940nm
  • Fast response and high efficiency detector assembly
  • Sensor combination with biocompatibility
  • Disposable pulse oximeter sensor without latex
  • Lightweight cushion design ensures patient comfort
  • Scalable, value-added manufacturing-ability to provide components or complete pulse oximeter sensors (reusable and disposable sensors)
  • Design of easy-to-clean finger clip pulse oximeter sensor



choiceMMed LEDs produce a high-intensity pure light spectrum.



Choicemmed Light sensor receptor eliminates variations in readings.


Signal Processing

Its signal processing filters out artifacts and interference to show the true pulse.

What is SPO₂?

SPO₂, also known as blood oxygen saturation, is a commonly used indicator for blood gas analysis in clinic and is a sensitive indicator reflecting whether the body is hypoxic. Refers to the volume of oxygenated hemoglobin bound by oxygen in the blood, as a percentage of the total bound hemoglobin capacity, that is, the concentration of blood oxygen in the blood, monitoring the arterial oxygen saturation, which can carry oxygenation of the lungs and hemoglobin Ability to evaluate. Normal human arterial blood has a blood oxygen saturation of 98% and venous blood of 75%. The blood oxygen saturation is affected by the partial pressure of human arterial blood oxygen. If the arterial blood oxygen partial pressure is less than 60mmH₂O, the blood oxygen saturation will be significantly reduced , Leading to hypoxia. Actively giving oxygen is an effective way to treat hypoxemia.

choiceMMed® Medical SpO₂ Sensor

How It Works

Low oxygen levels can cause stress on cellular functions, including the heart and brain. This is very critical in acute medical conditions such as postoperative recovery. ChoiceMMed’s SpO2 photoelectric components have high accuracy in oxygen content detection. ChoiceMMed can provide components and complete sensor product packages, making it the best choice for pulse oximeter applications requiring high precision, high durability and high performance.

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