Medical Nebulizer

Compared with the traditional method of taking medicine to treat asthma and other respiratory diseases, the medical nebulizer atomizes the medicine liquid into tiny particles, and the medicine enters the respiratory tract and lungs through breathing inhalation, thereby achieving painless, rapid and effective treatment.

5 Reasons To Use Medical Nebulizer

  1. Increased patients with respiratory diseases, especially children with poor autoimmunity, such as children who always cough, treated with traditional drugs or injections, children have trouble taking medicines, are afraid of injections, and absorb drugs through muscles or blood slowly, children Suffer a long time;
  2. It is troublesome to go to the hospital to line up for registration, waiting for a long time, and there is a risk of cross infection in the environment of the hospital itself;
  3. If the drug flows through the body, it may have side effects, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children.
  4. Repeated illness, frequent injections of saline; trouble to take medicine at home, slow effect; at the same time, the drug is three-poisoned, and long-term use is more likely to be dependent
  5. There are many hospitals that have developed aerosol treatment, which is painless and effective compared to traditional medicine or injection treatment.

choiceMMed Medical Nebulizer Features

ChoiceMMed Medical Nebulizer cooperates with the medicinal liquid through the atomizer, using the principle of gas jet to impact the medicinal liquid into tiny particles, suspended in the airflow, and input into the respiratory tract through the connecting tube, compressing the atomized particles produced by the atomizer. And it is not easy to collide and combine, the human body is comfortable to inhale, and enters the bronchus, lungs and other organs, which is particularly suitable for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases.

  • One-key operation
  • Adjustable atomizing cup
  • Fine atomizing particles
  • Silent design
  • Low drug residue
  • High atomizing efficiency

There are three types of medical atomizers, the mainstream types are compression atomizers (gas compression air compression atomizers) and ultrasonic atomizers, and the other is a mesh atomizer (both with a compression atomizer and Ultrasonic atomizer features, small size, easy to carry)

Ultrasonic Medical Nebulizer Technology

The nebulizer of the ultrasonic atomizer has no selectivity for the mist particles, so most of the generated drug particles can only be deposited in the upper respiratory tract such as the mouth and throat, and because the amount of deposition in the lungs is small, it cannot effectively treat lower respiratory tract diseases. At the same time, due to the large mist particles generated by the ultrasonic atomizer and the rapid atomization, the patient inhaled too much water vapor to humidify the respiratory tract. The dry secretions in the respiratory tract that originally partially blocked the bronchus expanded after absorbing moisture and increased the respiratory tract Resistance may cause hypoxia, and the ultrasonic nebulizer will cause the medical solution to form water droplets and hang on the inner cavity wall, which is not effective for lower respiratory tract diseases, and has a large demand for drugs, causing waste.

Compression Medical Nebulizer Technology

How It Works

The gas-compressed air compression atomizer uses compressed air to form a high-speed air flow through a small nozzle. The trachea squirted.

Mesh Medical Nebulizer Technology

How It Works

By vibrating up and down of the vibrator, the liquid is extruded through the holes of the nozzle-type mesh spray head, and sprayed using tiny ultrasonic vibration and the mesh spray head structure. It belongs to the latest type of atomizer and has compression. The characteristics of the atomizer and ultrasonic atomizer, the spray method is to use tiny ultrasonic vibration and mesh spray head structure to spray, is a family medical atomizer for children with asthma, easy to carry anywhere.

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Medical nebulizers are mainly used to treat various diseases of the upper and lower respiratory systems, such as cold, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis and other trachea, bronchi, alveoli, and chest diseases.

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