Sanyo STK6712BMK4

Sanyo STK6712BMK4 Sanyo STK6712BMK4

#STK6712BMK4 Sanyo STK6712BMK4 New Unipolar Fixed-Current Chopper-Type 4-Phase Stepping Motor Driver, STK6712BMK4 pictures, STK6712BMK4 price, #STK6712BMK4 supplier


The STK6712BMK4 is a unipolar fixed-current chopper-type 4-phase stepping motor driver hybrid IC(HIC) which uses a MOSFET power device.The excitation sequence signal is active low.
.Serial printer, line printer, and laser beam printer(LBP) paper feed and carriage motor drivers.
.PPC scanner and LBP Paper feed drivers
.XY plotter pen drivers
.Industrial robot applications, etc.
.This IC has the features of the STK6712BMK4,plus a simultaneous input prevention circuit that protects the IC from and malfunction of the excitation of the excitation signal.
.Self-exictation design means chopping frequency is determined by motor L and R. Supports chopping at 20 kHZ of higher.
.Very low number of external components requied.
.Wide operating supply voltage range (Vcc1=18 to 42V)
.Exicitation sequence signal is active low, and is TTL level for direct interfacing to the microcomputer and gate array.
.The unipolar design enables use as a driver for hybrid,PW, or VR type stepping motors.
.Supports W1-2 phase operation, with a dual Vref pin.
Maximum supply voltage Vcc 52V
Maximum phase current loh 2.5A
Substrate temperature Tc 105℃

Junction temperature Tj 150℃
Storage temperature Tstg -40 to +125°C

Unipolar Fixed-Current Chopper-Type 4-Phase Stepping Motor Driver

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