Toshiba MG50Q2YS40

Toshiba MG50Q2YS40 Toshiba MG50Q2YS40

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MG50Q2YS40 Description

High Power Switching Applications.
Motor Control Applications.
. High input impedance
. High speed: tf = 0.5µs (max.)
                      trr = 0.5µs (max.)
. Low saturation voltage : VCE(sat) = 4.0V (max.)
. Enhancement−mode
.Includes a complete half bridge in one package.
.The electrodes are isolated from case. 
Collector emitter voltage VCES 1200 V
Gate emitter voltage VGES ±20 V
Collector current DC IC 50 A
Collector current 1ms ICP 100 A
Forward current DC IF 50 A
Forward current 1ms IFM 100 A
Collector power dissipation (Tc = 25°C) PC 400 W
Junction temperature Tj 150 °C
Storage temperature range Tstg-40~125 °C
Isolation voltage VIsol 2500 (AC 1 minute) V
Screw torque (terminal / mounting) 3 / 3 N・m


MG50Q2YS40 has unique and exceptional features that make it an advanced power module. Weighing at 0.45 lbs., it has a collector emitter voltage of 1200 and a collector current of 50 amperes. It has both shape and design suitable for highly demanding applications.
MG50Q2YS40 aims for high efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness. With a very low reverse recovery time, it is guaranteed to prevent switching responses. High temperature is also not a problem with this device. Even with a temperature as high as 150 0C, rest assured that it will still remain intact because of its excellent module construction.
MG50Q2YS40 has over current limiting function that’s three times better than the usual rated current. By minimizing internal stray inductance, its efficiency rate is further enhanced. With amazing performance and high reliability, you’re ensured of your worthy investment.

IGBT: 50A,1200V

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