Can You Use A Human Pulse Oximeter On A Dog

In the latest news report, there are many cases of pets suffering from new coronavirus in Hong Kong, China, so your pets, such as dogs, are also prone to new coronavirus, so it is necessary to buy a professional dog oximeter . Whether it is for yourself or for pets, oximeter testing is a good choice for dog lovers.

Can You Use A Human Pulse Oximeter On A Dog

Dogs and humans have different body structures, so human oximeters cannot be used in dog blood oxygenation tests. Even if they are used, the test results are not accurate. Therefore, buying a professional dog oximeter is a better choice.

“According to the change of oxygen saturation, effective oxygen therapy measures should be given in time, including nasal catheter and mask oxygen, if necessary, high-flow oxygen therapy through the nose, non-invasive or invasive mechanical ventilation, etc.” Oxygen therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for new coronaviruses.

Purchase an oximeter to relieve the condition to a certain extent.

how To Use A Pulse Oximeter On A Dog

  • 1. Prepare a watch or alarm clock to watch the time.
  • 2. Install two No. 7 batteries, long press to start, and see the display on the screen.
  • 3. Use the clip to hold the dog’s ears or legs, and press the fingertips against the bright red light to avoid shaking.
  • 4. Hold for 30 seconds and record the three numbers of time, blood oxygen (SpO2%) and pulse (PR)

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