Fuji 6DI15A-050

Fuji 6DI15A-050 Fuji 6DI15A-050 Fuji 6DI15A-050

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6DI15A-050 Description

Manufactured by Fuji, a highly trusted company, 6DI15A-050 has outstanding features you will never see on those ordinary devices. Belonging to the group of the best Darlington power Transistor modules, It can generate power of 15A and 600V.

6DI15A-050 has high DC current gain to ensure that current rating won’t degenerate right away even on a high voltage. It is equipped with a fast recovery freewheeling Diode to eliminate flybacks especially during the induction loading process. With it’s robust design, rest assured that it won’t easily wear off when you’re continuously using its full power.
6DI15A-050  5.34 lbs
6DI15A-050 could be used in AC Motor Controls????? Uninterruptible Power Supply
Including Eree Wheeling Diode High DC Current Gain Insulated Type

6GTR: 15A500V

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