M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. designs, manufactures, and supplies analog semiconductor solutions for use in wireless and wire line applications across the radio frequency (RF), microwave, and millimeter wave spectrum. It offers amplifiers; CDRs, TIAs, and laser drivers for datacenter, client access, metro, and long haul applications; and RF power modules and transistors. It also offers control products, such as digital attenuators, IQ modulators, demodulators, limiters, phase shifters, power detectors, switches, and voltage variable attenuators; Diodes, which includes pin limiter, pin switch and attenuator, schottky mixer, and detector diodes; and frequency generation products, including.
MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. will showcase its broad high-performance RF portfolio, including MMICs, diodes, AlGaAs switches, power amplifiers, FEMs and GaN devices, at EDICON China 2019, April 1st -3rd, Booth #515 in Beijing, China. MACOM’s booth will feature new product solutions optimized for 5G connectivity, wireless basestations, radar, test and measurement, industrial, scientific and medical RF applications. The Trusted Name in High-Performance RF Components: Showcasing MACOM’s high-performance portfolio serving diverse markets, test and measurement, satellite, radar, wired and wireless networks, automotive, industrial, medical and mobile devices. 5G Connectivity: Complete portfolio of high-performance and reliability wireless access front-end components and modules for 4G/5G Enabling the Next Generation of Wireless Basestations: Cutting-edge GaN-on-Si 60W average Power Doherty module. RF Energy: MACOM’s GaN-on-Si portfolio delivers the performance, scale, supply security and surge capacity required for mainstream RF applications. Application Support: MACOM’s unparalleled customer support leverages decades of experience to solve complex problems. Cross Reference Tools: MACOM’s cross reference tools will assist in finding MACOM products that are a substitute or alternate replacement to other manufacturers.
MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. announced its new MACP Series of high-performance power detectors with integrated, low loss directional couplers, optimized for power monitoring and leveling in point-to-point radios, ISM, radar, VSAT, EW and aerospace and defense applications. The integrated solution of the directional coupler and temperature compensated detector circuit enables customers to dramatically simplify their system designs and lower BOM costs while preserving valuable board space. The new MACP Series power detectors operate in frequency ranges from 2 ” 6 GHz (MACP-010571), 6 ” 18 GHz (MACP-010572) and 10 ” 30 GHz (MACP-010573), and provide low insertion loss and high directivity enabling power monitoring along a transmission line. The devices are housed in lead-free, 1.5 x 1.2 mm surface mount plastic packaging compatible with standard pick and place assembly equipment.
MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. announced two new negative voltage drivers designed for use with a broad range of MACOM’s AlGaAs and HMIC PIN Diode switches. The new MADR-011020 and MADR-011022 drivers enable integration that complements the performance of MACOM’s advanced PIN diodes, providing designers with layout-efficient and cost-effective solutions while eliminating the design complexities and time to market constraints imposed by discrete componentry. The MADR-011020 enables back bias voltage selection between -20V and -50V and provides up to 50 mA sinking and sourcing bias current for medium power SPDT switches, while the MADR-011022 accommodates between -10V and -25V with up to 25 mA sinking bias current and 20 mA sourcing for use with low power SPDT switches. These compact 4mm, 16-lead PQFN packaged drivers feature built-in power sequencers, eliminating the need for external power sequencing, and can be easily controlled with standard TTL logic. Achievable switching speeds range from sub-50ns (MADR-011020) to sub-80ns (MADR-011022). These drivers can be used as building blocks where two or more drivers can be paralleled to control 2 to 8 throw switch configurations. An all-off RF switch state can be achieved using the drivers’ enable pins.

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