Mitsubishi PM300DVA120

Mitsubishi PM300DVA120 Mitsubishi PM300DVA120

#PM300DVA120 Mitsubishi PM300DVA120 New Figure 6.5 is a PM75RSA060 75A,600V IPM., PM300DVA120 pictures, PM300DVA120 price, #PM300DVA120 supplier


PM300DVA120 Description

Higher power IPMs are constructed using ceramic isolation material. A direct bond copper process in which copper patterns are bonded directly to the ceramic substrate without the use of solder is used in these modules. This substrate provides the improved thermal characteristics and greater current carrying capabilities that are needed in these higher power devices. Gate drive and control circuits are contained on a separate PCB mounted directly above the power devices. The PCB is a multilayer construction with special shield layers for EMI noise immunity. Figure 6.4 shows the structure of a ceramic isolated Intelligent Power Module. Figure 6.5 is a PM75RSA060 75 A, 600V IPM.

 VCC Supply Voltage Maximum DC bus voltage applied between P-N 
 VCES Collector-Emitter 1200 Voltage Maximum off-state collector-emitter voltage at applied control input off signal
±IC Collector-Current Maximum DC collector and FWDi current @ Tj ≤ 150°C 300A
±ICP Collector-Current (peak) Maximum peak collector and FWDi current @ Tj ≤ 150°C 600A
 PC Collector Dissipation Maximum power dissipation per IGBT switch at Tj = 25°C 1260W
 Tj Junction Temperature Range of IGBT junction temperature during operation –20 ~ +150 °C
 •3φ 300A, 1200V Current-sense IGBT for 20kHz switching
 • Monolithic gate drive & protection logic
 • Detection, protection & status indication circuits for overcurrent, short-circuit, over-temperature & under-voltage
 (P-FO available from upper leg devices)
 • Acoustic noise-less 55kW class inverter application
 • UL Recognized

Figure 6.5 is a PM75RSA060 75A,600V IPM.

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