Sanyo STK621-061

Sanyo STK621-061 Sanyo STK621-061

#STK621-061 Sanyo STK621-061 New 3-phase Inverter Motor Drive 600V±45A, STK621-061 pictures, STK621-061 price, #STK621-061 supplier


This IC is a 3-phase inverter power hybrid IC containing power elements (IGBT and FRD), pre-driver, overcurrent and
excessive temperature protection circuit.
• 3-phase inverter motor drive
• Integrates power elements (IGBT and FRD), pre-driver, and protective circuit.
• Protective circuits including overcurrent (bus line), excessive temperature and pre-drive low voltage protection are built in.
• Direct input of CMOS level control signals without an insulating circuit (photocoupler, etc) is possible.
• Single power supply drive is possible by using a bootstrap circuit with a built-in IC
• Temperature monitor is possible by the thermistor inside the IC
• Built-in simultaneous upper/lower ON prevention circuit to prevent arm shorting through simultaneous ON input for the upper and lower side transistors.
 (Dead time is required for preventing shorting due to switching delay.)
• SIP (The single in-line package) of the transfer full mold structure. 

Supply voltage VCC 450 V
Collector-emitter voltage VCE 600 V
Output current IO ±30 A
Output peak current Iop ±45 A 
Junction temperature Tj  150 °C
Storage temperature Tstg -40 to +125 °C
Operating temperature TC-20 to +100 °C
Tightening torque A screw part at use M4 type screw *3 1.17 N•m 

3-phase Inverter Motor Drive 600V±45A

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