THine Electronics

THine Electronics Incorporated is a fabless LSI maker that provides mixed signal LSI and analog technologies, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. THine Electronics also has subsidiaries in Seoul, Korea and Taipei, Taiwan. Some of THine’s products have the most market shares in the world because of technical advantages. Its technologies include high-speed interfaces such as V-by-One HS, LVDS, timing controller, analog-to-digital converter (ADC), image signal processor (ISP), and power management in smart phone, tablets, flat screen televisions, LCD monitors, projectors, document processing, amusement, security systems, and automotive markets.


Start-up in Tsukuba
THine was founded in Tsukuba, Japan, in 1991 by Dr. Tetsuya Iizuka as THine Microsystems. The name “THine” is after Old English word of “thine” that means “yours”. The capitalization stands for “Targeting High” and “Talented Human”.
In 1992 THine Microsystems and Samsung Electronics Corporation established their joint venture, THine Electronics, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan as a research institute of advanced memories and high-speed interface technologies. After 6 years collaboration in research and development, THine Electronics had completed its management buy-out from Samsung Electronics Corporation in 1998 and started its own branded fabless LSI business in the area of high-speed serial interface for growing Display and image data transmission markets.
Starting fabless business model
In 1998, THine Electronics started mass production of digital signal processing chips in flat panel display markets for global leading companies worldwide. In the same year THine Electronics acquired all outstanding stocks of THine Microsystems (merged to THine Electronics in 2000) and completed its business model as fabless LSI maker. Overcoming the many challenges of establishing a start-up venture in Japan, Dr. Iizuka has developed breakthrough solutions for low-cost and compact video-signal handling. THine Electronics established its Taiwan subsidiary, THine Electronics Taiwan, Inc. to control manufacturing and reinforce overseas marketing functions including the Taiwan markets.
Development of advanced technologies and IPO
In 2001 THine’s analog-to-digital converter product won the award for excellence in the LSI Design of the Year 2001.THine also established its own high-speed testing facilities in its research site and accelerate its developing activities. THine Electronics made initial public offering and listed its stocks in JASDAQ Securities Exchange, Japanese growth security market in 2001.
In 2001, Tetsuya Iizuka won the first prize of the first Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Award sponsored by Ernst & Young Shinnihon in Japan and joined the World Entrepreneur of the Year Award sponsored by Ernst & Young as the first Japanese winner of EOY. Following this award, Dr. Iizuka won the award of Nikkei BP Venture of the Year 2001.
THine has accumulated its analog and digital intellectual properties and expand its technical portfolio in the wade area in high-speed serial interface of V-by-One HS, LVDS, and CalDriCon, image signal processor (ISP), analog-to-digital converter, timing controller, power management, LED driver, motor driver, and related mixed signal technologies.


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