Electronic Pulse Stimulator

Electric pulse is a pulse generated by electrons. Pulse is a process of changing voltage once in a short time. Electropulsing is an unsteady-state current field generated by a capacitor or an intermittent source. The AC current we usually use can be regarded as a pulse current, and one of the periodic processes can be regarded as an electrical pulse.

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Since the essence of EPS (Electronic Pulse Stimulator) is to control the nerve of the target muscle group, the prerequisite for the application of EPS is that the nerve of the target muscle is complete. Commonly used for strength training of disused muscles due to long-term inactivity, surgery or injury, to maintain muscle mass, maintain and increase joint mobility, promote autonomous muscle control, and reduce spasms. On the other hand, it can suppress the wasted muscle atrophy caused by some non-neuropathy. In recent years, commercial neuromuscular electrical stimulators have been developed. Household stimulators not only facilitate the use of patients, but also improve the independent operability of patients.

  • The electrode physiotherapy area is large, it is easier to fit the skin
  • The electrode sheet has strong wear resistance and can be used repeatedly 300 times
  • Charge 3 hours, use 200 times +
  • Low frequency electrotherapy



choiceMMed LEDs produce a high-intensity pure light spectrum.



Choicemmed Light sensor receptor eliminates variations in readings.


Signal Processing

Its signal processing filters out artifacts and interference to show the true pulse.

Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Its Principle

The electrodes are implanted percutaneously into the spinal canal of the patient’s spine to stimulate the spinal nerves with a pulsed current, and then a weak electrical pulse is sent to the spinal cord through the pacemaker system implanted in the patient’s body, blocking the transmission of pain signals through the spinal cord to the brain, thereby alleviating stubborn nerve Sexual pain can restore the patient’s physical function and effectively improve the quality of life.

choiceMMed® Electronic Pulse Stimulator

How It Works

During the operation, the expert also installed a “remote control” connected to the implanted device outside the body for the patient. The patient can use the “remote control” to relieve pain according to the doctor’s instructions. Experts say that this therapy is an innovative physical therapy that avoids the side effects caused by the use of analgesic drugs.

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A leading hypoxia research laboratory compared accuracy in motion between a itsoug Medical pulse oximeter with itsoug® technology and a competing pulse oximeter. Hypoxia was induced in 13 subjects using an industry standard breathe-down protocol, and motion was generated using a mechanical fixture with tapping and rubbing. SpO2 values were compared to CO-oximetry analysis of arterial blood samples. itsoug precision was ±2.1; competitor technology precision was ±14.4.1

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