Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Incorporating the latest technology into our most popular handheld oximeter, the MD300 handheld pulse oximeter was born. This portable oximeter is suitable for a wide range of patients and can cope with various difficult monitoring situations, such as low perfusion, signal interference, including exercise, which is beyond the reach of many other handheld oximeters. It is compatible with the original choiceMMed SpO2 sensors, including choiceMMed forehead sensors and non-stick sensors, which further improves the monitoring performance.

The small and lightweight MD300 handheld pulse oximeter is convenient for continuous monitoring and on-site inspection, such as in a doctor’s office, clinic, first aid / transportation, or emergency care environment. Its appearance conforms to ergonomics, the buttons are simple and easy to carry. No matter where you need accurate and reliable SpO2 measurement-you can trust the choiceMMed MD300 hand-held pulse oximeter to easily meet the challenges of complex patients.

The product is convenient for clinical use; it can be used by medical staff for ward round observation, patient urgent request, and monitoring during transit
It is suitable for special monitoring equipment such as fire rescue, high-altitude flight, diving operation, closed cabin or tunnel operation.

The Advantages Of choiceMMed Handheld Pulse Oximeter

  1. Lightweight and easy to carry
  2. Compatible with all OxiMax probes;
  3. Record all hypoxic alarm events;
  4. 40 hours battery power supply;
  5. The screen has pulse column, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate data display
  6. With measurement value over limit alarm, finger off alarm, sensor off alarm
  7. Three levels of blood oxygen and pulse rate alarm
  8. Different ID numbers can be set, the range is 1-249.



choiceMMed LEDs produce a high-intensity pure light spectrum.



Choicemmed Light sensor receptor eliminates variations in readings.


Signal Processing

Its signal processing filters out artifacts and interference to show the true pulse.

Simple Detection Methods

For Use Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Lightly grip your fingertips for a few seconds, you can measure the body’s oxygen content (judging the body’s hypoxia) and heart rate anytime, anywhere. The measured index is the most important parameter for monitoring and guiding people’s healthy life, scientific and reasonable aerobic exercise. According to this parameter, you can know whether to rest, exercise, pay attention to diet, and see a doctor.

Why should we develop

Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Oxygen is one of the three major elements of life. Middle-aged and elderly people, sports enthusiasts, mental labor (especially white-collar workers, students), screening for children with congenital heart disease, pregnant women, and patients with respiratory diseases know the “oxygen content” at any time and take timely measures. Ensure good health and safety.

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A leading hypoxia research laboratory compared accuracy in motion between a choiceMMed Medical pulse oximeter with choiceMMed® technology and a competing pulse oximeter. Hypoxia was induced in 13 subjects using an industry standard breathe-down protocol, and motion was generated using a mechanical fixture with tapping and rubbing. SpO2 values were compared to CO-oximetry analysis of arterial blood samples. ChoiceMMed precision was ±2.1; competitor technology precision was ±14.4.1

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