Vital Signs Monitor

Vital sign monitor is an instrument with non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse rate, mean arterial pressure (MAP), blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), temperature monitoring and other functions. Product performance structure and compositionThe product is composed of a host (containing VSM300 monitor embedded software components), blood pressure cuff and hose, pulse oximetry (SpO2) sensor and extension cable, body temperature probe, oral probe and probe cover .

ChoiceMMed multi-parameter vital sign monitor is a device for remote self-service physical examination function. Enter the account and password for server verification. After verification, the user’s ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature and blood glucose can be fully tested and uploaded to In the cloud data center, professional doctors can provide health consultation services for users.

The Main Feature Of choiceMMed Vital Signs Monitor

  1. Display mode: large color LCD display.
  2. The touch screen makes the operation easier and faster.
  3. Mobile phone registration: The user enters the mobile phone number on the medical examination machine to obtain the verification code registration.
  4. Automatic registration: users swipe their ID cards on the medical examination machine to directly register and log in.
  5. Offline collection: Users can collect data and save it in the machine or U disk when they cannot connect to the network as needed.
  6. Data upload: The user can upload the data information collected offline while connected to the network, or automatically save the data that failed to upload, and upload it to the data management center again when the network status is good.
  7. Users can measure ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood glucose and health data.
  8. The blood glucose meter is convenient, accurate, stable and less affected by temperature.
  9. Infrared thermometer only takes one second to measure, accurate, safe and fast, which is convenient for body temperature at any time.
  10. ECG, blood pressure and blood oxygen can be measured at the same time, the operation is simple and the value is accurate.
  11. All physical examinations can be completed within five minutes.
  12. Enter the height and weight values ​​manually to automatically calculate the BMI value.
  13. Digital blood oxygen technology, anti-scheduled interference, weak anti-perfusion ability.
  14. User data collection terminal of Choicemmed system health checkup system.
  15. The measured medical examination data can be uploaded to the PHMS data management center.
  16. Experts of different levels can be selected for consultation on the medical examination data.
  17. Network connection mode: 3G, wifi, wired Built-in rechargeable maintenance-free lithium battery, non-stop work
  18. Optional function: vertical bracket function
  19. Optional parameters: lung function, urine routine, uric acid, total cholesterol, fully automatic biochemistry, hemoglobin, blood lipids



choiceMMed LEDs produce a high-intensity pure light spectrum.



Choicemmed Light sensor receptor eliminates variations in readings.


Signal Processing

Its signal processing filters out artifacts and interference to show the true pulse.

choiceMMed® Vital Signs Monitor

Product Scope

Product Scope This product has the functions of non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse rate, mean arterial pressure (MAP), blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), and body temperature monitoring. And adult patients were monitored for non-invasive blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, non-invasive arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), and body temperature in normal and axillary modes. The product can be used in medical / surgical wards, hospitals, or other monitoring environments. This product is only for doctors or qualified medical personnel

Indicators of vital signs monitor

How It Works

The four indicators on the vital signs monitor are mainly important indicators for observing the patient’s vital signs to be stable and to understand the general condition of the patient’s body. Under normal circumstances, the four normal values of normal people are blood pressure less than 140/90 and heart rate 60 -100 breaths, 12-20 breaths per minute, blood oxygen saturation is generally greater than 95%.

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A leading hypoxia research laboratory compared accuracy in motion between a choiceMMed Medical pulse oximeter with choiceMMed® technology and a competing pulse oximeter. Hypoxia was induced in 13 subjects using an industry standard breathe-down protocol, and motion was generated using a mechanical fixture with tapping and rubbing. SpO2 values were compared to CO-oximetry analysis of arterial blood samples. ChoiceMMed precision was ±2.1; competitor technology precision was ±14.4.1

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