The necessity of precision parts machining in CNC machining

The CNC lathe realizes the automation of small and medium batch machining and improves working conditions. In addition, it also has a series of advantages such as high productivity, stable machining accuracy, and low product cost. In order to further exert these advantages, CNC numerical control lathes have been developed to “process concentration”, that is, a CNC numerical control lathe can complete multi-process machining (ie machining center) after clamping parts at one time.

Drilling, boring, milling, turning and other single-function CNC lathes can only perform drilling, boring, milling, turning and other operations alone. In the machinery manufacturing industry, most parts require multi-process machining. In the entire machining process of single-function CNC lathes , The real time for cutting only accounts for about 30%, and most of the remaining time is spent on auxiliary tasks such as installing, adjusting tools, handling, loading and unloading parts, and checking cnc machining logo accuracy. When precision parts machining requires multiple processes, the work efficiency of single-function CNC lathes is still not high. Machining centers generally have automatic tool change functions. After the parts are clamped, they can complete drilling, boring, milling, sinking, and tapping. Silk and other processes.

  • 1. Repetitively produced artifacts.
    The market demand for some products is cyclical and seasonal. If the use of special production lines is not worth obtaining, the machining efficiency of using ordinary equipment is too low, the quality is unstable, and the quantity is difficult to guarantee. And using the CNC machining center, after the first piece (batch) trial cut, you can retain the program and related production information, and the next time you reproduce the product, you can start production as long as there is little preparation time. Precision parts machining man-hours include preparation man-hours and machining man-hours. Precision parts machining equally distributes very long single-piece machining man-hours to each workpiece, reducing the average actual man-hours for each production and greatly shortening the production cycle.
  • 2. High precision workpiece
    Some workpieces require a small amount, but they are key parts, requiring high precision and short construction period, and using traditional technology to use multiple lathes to coordinate work, the cycle is long, and the efficiency is low. In the long process, it is easy to be artificial Affect the production of waste products, resulting in significant economic losses. And the use of precision parts machining for machining, production is fully controlled by the program automatically. Avoid long process flow, reduce hardware investment and human interference, and have the characteristics of high production efficiency and stable quality.
  • 3. Mass-produced workpieces.
    The flexibility of CNC machining logo center production is not only reflected in the rapid response to special requirements, but also can quickly achieve mass production and improve market competitiveness. CNC machining center is suitable for small and medium batch production, especially small batch production, when using CNC machining center. Efforts to make the batch larger than the economic batch to achieve good economic results. With the continuous development of CNC machining centers, the economic batch is getting smaller and smaller. For some complex workpieces, 5-10 pieces can be produced, and even single-piece production can also be considered Use CNC machining center.
  • 4. Workpieces that can be concentrated in multiple stations and processes
  • 5. Workpieces with complex shapes
    The application of four-axis linkage, five-axis linkage CNC machining logo center, and the maturity and development of CAD/CAM technology have greatly increased the complexity of machining workpieces. The use of DNC makes the machining content of the same program sufficient to meet various machining needs. The automatic machining of complex workpieces becomes easy.
  • 6. Workpieces that are difficult to measure

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