How to choose a good pulse oximeter

Oximeters are generally used in oxygen bars, or in hospitals, or for people with lung diseases using equipment that measures the oxygen content in the body.

There are two main measurement indicators: pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. In most cases, pulse rate and heart rate are equal.

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is one of the important basic data in clinical medicine and an important parameter for monitoring sleep apnea. It can be used to measure the oxygen content in the body.

Below I will introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of the existing portable oximeters on the market (product forms include: nail oximeter, palm oximeter, wrist oximeter, health watch-type oximeter),

Help you better choose a blood oxygen monitor product suitable for you.

 Nail oximeter


  • 1. Small product size, no cable, easy to carry
  • 2. Easy to operate: only one step is needed-the finger is inserted into the machine, the intelligent automatic start-up monitoring, the finger is taken out of the machine, and the machine is automatically shut down to save power.
  • 3. Rich monitoring functions: blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, blood perfusion index (reflecting the blood perfusion at the measurement site, the greater the pulsating blood flow, the more pulsating components, the greater the PI value, measuring blood oxygen Saturation accuracy is higher).
  • 4. Bluetooth data transmission: Through Bluetooth transmission, synchronous display of data on the mobile phone and mass storage are realized.
  • 5. Shading design: The shading design effectively shields the ambient light from interfering with the measurement.
  • 6. Energy saving and environmental protection: with power management function, automatic shutdown without signal in 8 seconds, and battery power management.
  • 7. Medical grade products, with medical device registration certificate.


  • 1. Non-rechargeable: Use two No. 7 dry batteries, which can measure continuously for about 30 hours.
  • 2. Easy to fall off: The oximeter plus two No. 7 batteries are clamped on the finger. The weight is relatively large and the finger bears a lot. It is easy to fall off during sleep monitoring.
  • 3. Not very comfortable: wear it for a long time, the clip clips on the finger, it hurts, and the comfort is not high.

Palm oximeter


  • 1. Medical grade products, with medical device registration certificate.
  • 2. Monitorable parameters: blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, blood perfusion index.


  • 1. The cable is too long to carry, and it is not a wearable device.
  • 2. Non-rechargeable: dry batteries are used.

 Wrist oximeter


  • 1. Compact design, the host is worn on the patient’s wrist, and the blood oxygen probe is worn on the finger.
  • 2. The product has low power consumption. The rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery can be used repeatedly.
  • 3. Small size, light weight, easy to carry.
  • 4. When no signal is generated, the product will automatically shut down.
  • 5. Sleep monitoring system can display data on PC or mobile phone via Bluetooth.
  • 6. Medical grade products, with medical device registration certificate.


An external blood oxygen probe is connected. If necessary, select a suitable blood oxygen probe.

Health watch type oximeter


  • 1. A health watch integrating blood oxygen, pulse rate, ECG, and pedometer, easy to carry.
  • 2. Display parameters: blood oxygen saturation value display, pulse rate value display, heart rate value and ECG waveform display, pedometer step count, calorie display
  • 3. Data storage function, the stored data can be uploaded to the mobile terminal wirelessly.
  • 4. With clock function.
  • 5. Rechargeable function.
  • 6. Reflective blood oxygen is provided on the side, and a probe for monitoring blood oxygen content during sleep is also provided. Easy to measure.


Health-level products, no medical device registration certificate.So I will choose to buy a wrist oximeter or health watch.

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